What is SAO?

Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO) is a fully online postgraduate degree program in astronomy. It concentrates on the fundamental concepts of and key issues in contemporary astronomy. Designed for science educators and communicators, people working in astronomy related fields, amateur astronomers, and anyone with a love of astronomy, SAO concentrates on building student's skills at communicating their science knowledge to others. Students join SAO in order to enhance their qualifications with a Master of Science in Astronomy, or to simply study one or more introductory-level astronomy units.

The Master of Science (Astronomy) [12 units] is part of a nested suite of postgraduate programs, which also includes the Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy) [4 units] and the Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) [8 units]. There are a number of entry points depending on previous academic studies and work experience. All SAO degrees are awarded and fully accredited by Swinburne University of Technology, which is a recognised university by the Australian Federal Government. For further details, see our accreditation information.

SAO is run by the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing and the Department of Physics & Astronomy, which are part of the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology at Swinburne University of Technology located in the suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.

Degree programs offered:

  • Master of Science (Astronomy)
  • Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy)
  • Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy)
We also offer individual unit enrolments.

Swinburne's Advanced Technology Centre building

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