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It is important that you keep the University informed if your personal details change.

You may also wish to make changes to your enrolment.

For guidance in making changes to your personal details or enrolment please view the following information:

View and Amend Your Current Details

·       All students can view and update their personal details by selecting ‘My Details’ within the 'Manage my details' section of the Current Students website.

·       To change your permanent details such as your name, date of birth, permanent address etc., you will need to complete the Amendment to Personal Details form and submit to studentHQ.


Making changes to your enrolment - Progression to Graduate Diploma or Master of Science

Students wishing to apply for progression to either the Graduate Diploma or Master of Science need to complete a course transfer form - click here: Transfer Request form.

Making changes to your enrolment - Withdrawals and Leave of Absence


-       Withdrawing from a unit: If you wish to withdraw from one or more SAO units during the semester you need to log on to My Study Plan and amend your enrolment. For assistance view: Help Guide


-       Leave of Absence: If you wish to take a Leave of Absence for a semester you need make an online submission at: Leave of Absence application

Important: When completing the form your Faculty/Centre is ‘Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology’ and your campus is ‘Hawthorn’ – not ‘online’.


-       Withdrawing from the course: If you wish to withdraw from the entire SAO program you need to make an online submission at: Withdrawal from Course/Program Form


1)    You should not complete this form if you wish to withdraw from units in your current semester and then continue in the program beyond your current semester.

2)    Withdrawal prior to the census date does not incur any academic or financial penalty. Withdrawal after the census date will result in the academic and financial penalties. No refunds may be processed if withdrawals are submitted after the census date. View: important dates

3)    The census date for your current units can also be located on: My Financials screen. SAO Semester One units are taught within OUA Study Period 1. Semester Two units are taught within OUA Study Period 3. The corresponding census dates for the OUA Study Periods apply to SAO units. The Swinburne Higher Education Semester One and Two census dates do not relate to the SAO program.

Students can find more general information about the program from:

Ask George: at

Students can also ask questions at:

The point of contact for all student enquiries is at studentHQ

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