Here you can download the average ultraviolet-to-radio SEDs of ALESS sub-millimeter galaxies, obtained in Section 6.1 in da Cunha et al. (2015).

Units: wavelength in microns; flux in mJy. Please refer to the paper for more details.

1. Average SED of the whole sample, optically-bright sample, and optically-faint sample (Figs. 11 & 12 of the paper): aless_average_seds.dat.

2. Average SEDs in bins of different physical parameters (Fig. 13 of the paper)

[bin1: lowest value; bin4: highest value; see paper for details]:

  1. -redshift: aless_average_seds_z_bins.dat;

  2. -observed 870µm flux: aless_average_seds_870um_bins.dat;

  3. -average V-band dust attenuation: aless_average_seds_av_bins.dat;

  4. -total dust luminosity: aless_average_seds_ldust_bins.dat.

Average UV-to-radio SEDs of ALESS sub-millimeter galaxies