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Expression of Interest (EoI) for PhD study at CAS


A PhD is a significant commitment of 3.5 years (full-time equivalent) research. Students normally study their PhD full-time; indeed, international students must study full-time. The body of research completed during a PhD has to be original, rigorous and peer-reviewed. It is very different to completing a degree by coursework (undergraduate or Masters). It is therefore a major challenge, even for the best students. Crucially, students must concentrate on their PhD research without having to work part-time outside the astrophysics and supercomputing disciplines. For this reason CAS normally only accepts PhD students who obtain a scholarship at Swinburne. The scholarship provides a salary so that students do not have to work outside their PhD.

Although Swinburne has, by comparison with other Australian universities, a relatively large number of scholarships available, including ones for international students, they are all very competitive. Given the significant amount of work required from both applicants and supervisors to submit a formal PhD and scholarship application, CAS assesses the EoIs of potential applicants first. An EoI must be submitted if we are to fairly assess you as a possible formal PhD and scholarship applicant.

The information gathered in this EoI will serve two purposes:

  1. It will enable us to fairly and accurately compare the grades and academic backgrounds of all students, as well as take into account additional information contained in curriculum vitae and reference letters.
  2. It will enable us to assess the likelihood of you being granted a scholarship at Swinburne.
As such, it is absolutely essential that you complete the EoI as accurately as you can.

IMPORTANT: The next deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest (EoIs) is given here.
If you wish to be considered for PhD candidature and scholarship at the next formal Swinburne application round, you must submit an EoI by this deadline for full consideration.

Immediately after the EoI deadline passes our selection panel will assess all EoIs for the next formal PhD scholarship application round. The selection panel will shortlist the best candidates who have a good chance of obtaining a PhD scholarship at Swinburne. The selection panel will notify shortlisted candidates about 2 weeks after the EoI deadline.

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to begin discussing potential PhD projects with potential PhD supervisors at CAS. CAS staff will use your EoI as a basis for those discussions.

To summarize the steps and time-line for the full application process:

  1. Submit an EoI as early as possible, but definitely by the EoI deadline given here
  2. About two weeks after the EoI deadline, you will be notified whether or not you have been shortlisted.
  3. If you have been shortlisted, discuss possible projects with possible supervisors. Allow two weeks for these discussions.
  4. If a supervisor agrees to support a formal PhD scholarship application, you will then be interviewed by the selection panel.
  5. If this interview is successful, your formal PhD application will proceed.


  • The EoI will take at least 25 minutes to complete, even if you already have all the relevant information at hand.
  • YOUR EoI IS AUTOMATICALLY SAVED; if you wish to complete your EoI later, simply log out.

If you have any difficulties in using the EoI system please email Dr. Ryan Shannon.